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CAThreadgill Photography is owned and operated by Cathy Ann Threadgill. Cathy’s  love of photography has been evident since she was ten years old when she saved  her babysitting money to purchase her first camera.  Being a “military brat” Cathy  was blessed with being able to travel the world and live in Europe and Southeast Asia  and then her family settled in west Texas which brought about her love of  photographing horses, ranches and farms.  Now residing in the  Dallas, Texas. metro-  plex,  Cathy is able to pursue her love of photography and take it to new heights.

As you visit this site you will see examples of Cathy’s work. Cathy’s desire to  photography people, places, and things has led to her professional photographic  experiences spanning some twenty years with commercial works in California, New  Mexico and Texas and is an award winning photographer.