Horse Seizure Follow Up – Fifth Edition


Hi all, they call me Lil’ Bit here in Alvord, Texas.  I was found by the Louisiana Horse Rescue Association and Remember Me Rescue in Many, Louisiana, along with about 68 of my friends.  That place in Many, LA was called C & S Farms.  They didn’t take real good care of me and my friends, but those of us who made it out of that horrible place are now happy, eating regularly, have a clean place to sleep and a safe place to play.

When we were first found I must admit that I was real scared of all these people who showed up.  There were people taking my pictures, touching me, putting this cold thing on my chest and belly trying to listen to my insides, it was real scary but they also brought us food which made things better.  Then they started putting us in trailers and we were on the move, this scared me a lot.  I didn’t know where I was going but there were a couple of my friends with me so we tried to reassure each other that this was a good thing.  When we finally stopped we were at Remember Me Rescue in Burleson, Texas.  My buddy Ransom told me everything would be alright but I wasn’t as trusting as he is.  At RMR our lives began to change, you see that is where we meet Lilly.  Lilly feed and talked to us each day and every day.

Then one day Lily told me and my friend Ransom that we were going stay with her friend Amanda in Alvord, Texas.  We were loaded on a trailer again and I must admit that I was scared.  Ransom tried to act like he wasn’t scared but I know he was.  The ride to Alvord wasn’t that bad, and when we got there boy was it nice.

                                                                            Amanda is our foster mom and we now have a foster grandma, Patty.  We are so lucky; Amanda and Patty come out to see us each and every day.  We get feed on a regular basis and we get to play, but like all moms’ and grandmas’ they make us behave.  I keep an eye on everything though.




This here is my friend Ransom, he is such a ham.  Really he is my rock and keeps me from being so scarred.  Ransom is more outgoing than I am.  He is also more trusting.  Ransom has grown a lot in the past two months and people say that I have grown too.  I don’t know about that but I do know that I am not hungry all the time anymore.  Our home in Alvord is really nice

Mom and Grandma have told Ransom and me that we have to learn our manners and we are working at it, there is just so much to learn.  I love my foster mom and grandma very much but I still get scared when new people come around.  They always tell me it is okay, but it is very scary.   I think I did real good today when the lady came out to take our pictures I let her touch me and you know what I realized mom might be right so I let her pet and love me a lot.  I don’t think she got a picture of that though.

I have also found out that I love having my hair brushed.  When I was found my hair hadn’t been brushed in a really long time and my coat had rain rot.  I realized that I can get my hair brushed more often if I go and play in the dirt.  Mom and Grandma always want me to look my best so they will brush away all the dirt.

Ransom likes playing with Mom.  They keep talking about this thing being broke and I am not so sure about that, it doesn’t sound so good, but hey what do I know.  For Mom and Grandma I will give it a try.

Hey did I tell you about our other friends out here in Alvord.  There are these two things they call kids, one has hair that is the same color as mine and the other has darker hair like Ransom.  These kids come out and play with us and                              give us a lot of love also.  We are told that we have to behave around them and to be careful and we try, so far so good.  There are also a lot of other horses out here.  Ransom gets to play with one of them and when I stop being so scared I will get to play to, but right now I like just watching.

Ransom and I would like to say thanks to everyone with Louisiana Horse Rescue, Remember Me Rescue, Lilly, Mom Amanda, and Grandma Patty.

Here are some other pictures of Ransom, look at those big ears.  Please don’t tell him that I posted the pictures of his ears, I think he may be a little sensitive about their size.